Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman

 Enric Ticó, Railgrup Chairman

The Railgrup cluster was founded in 2002 with the vocation of joining forces to promote the development of the Spanish railway sector at all levels and with the aim of boosting the overall competitiveness of its members by promoting, representing and publicising its image and collective interests in Spain and abroad.

More than a decade of projects and ideas, in constant contact with innovation, technology and training, today represent the interests of companies directly and indirectly related to the rail sector, with a philosophy and trajectory that reflect the progress that has been made and encourage us to take on new challenges.

Our organisational structure is designed to meet these challenges, and at the same time, to be capable of representing the reality of the sector. It includes Operators, OEMs and strong participation by SMEs.

The organisation and the integration of functions and members is structured around specific commissions, designed with a broader scope to develop and encompass the contributions of members in the sector and to contribute to the improvement of their competitiveness. The Business Development Commission is led by Promaut. The R&D Commission is headed by FGC, the Training Commission by Idom, the Strategy Commission by INDRA, and finally, the Project Commission is chaired by Sener.

Railgrup represents a great opportunity to conquer these challenges. It is based on collaboration and cooperation throughout the value chain, of those sectors already present and those that join in the future, as well as new processes in related sectors.

Railgrup is focused on people, on the end users of the railway industry, and on developing environmentally-friendly policies aimed at ensuring sustainable mobility. It also responds to the need for leadership in policies in aimed at development and passenger and goods transport.

Railgrup is a vision, values and objectives. It is a key component in improving competitiveness through internationalisation, technology and innovation.