Commissions and work groups

Commissions and work groups

The progress made by the Railgrup is thanks to the effectiveness of its Working Commissions, which bring together the active participation of affiliated companies to work in the areas of:

Market intelligenceLobbying for the technology sector and a Project platform.

  • Strategy Commission
    • Chaired by: Indra.
    • Objectives: analysis and positioning of the rail sector.
    • Members: executive levels representative of the sector (OEMs, operators, engineering firms, etc.).
  • Project Commission
    • Chaired by: Sener.
    • Objectives: proposals and development of new collaborative projects, facilitation of networking and innovation.
    • Members: Engineering firms, SMEs and operators.
  • R&D Commission
    • Chaired by: FGC
    • Objective: facilitating innovation and coordination of R&D policies, technological networking.
    • Members: technology centres and universities.
  • Business Development Commission
    • Chaired by: Promaut.
    • Objectives: project and business development, knowledge of the sector and its needs.
    • Members: operators, OEMs, companies dedicated to systems and components, engineering firms, etc.
  • Training Commission
    • Chaired by: Idom.
    • Objectives: communication, dissemination and knowledge of best practices and technical contributions of the sector and related sectors; analysis and development of models and projects; facilitation of networking and innovation.
    • Members: managerial and technical levels; business development areas.